Setting Up a Datacenter with EBS Encryption

Datacenters running on Amazon's EBS infrastructure can be encrypted with an AWS KMS key. This will encrypt both your EBS volumes and S3 backups.  This involves a few steps to set up:

In your AWS account:

1. Go to IAM → Encryption Keys

2. Create/view an AWS Encryption Key in the datacenter's intended region.

3. Add Instaclustr's account (624537489435) as an External Account

In your Instaclustr account:

4. Go to Account → Encryption Keys → Add Key

  • You'll need the AWS key's ARN, found in the key's details after key creation.
  • The alias will identify this key in other parts of the Instaclustr console.

5. In the Create a cluster or add a datacenter page:

  • Select an EBS-based Node Size, and
  • Select a key from the dropdown.

The keys listed will be those that have been previously added and are in the same region as the datacenter being requested.

6. Finish the create a cluster or add a datacenter process to provision the encrypted datacenter.

That's it! Encryption and decryption will be handled transparently by AWS' Key Management Service, so use the datacenter like you would a datacenter with no encryption.

For more information regarding Amazon's encryption service see


Enabling this feature on existing cluster

Most clusters will require a DC migration to move to encrypted EBS. 

Set up your AWS Encryption keys as per the process above, and email and request to add this on your existing cluster. 

Further Questions

We are available to provide additional information and guide you through this process. Please email or raise a new ticket. 


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