Release Log

This article includes a log of recent significant changes to the Instaclustr Managed Service.

October 2017



30 Oct

- Release support for Cassandra 3.11.1, 3.0.15, 2.2.11 and 2.1.19

25 Oct

- Bug Fix: Monitoring API related to Metrics returns value as 0.0 instead of NaN

12 Oct

- New Feature: Private Network Cluster (Beta)

10 Oct

- Minor Console UI Changes

September 2017



26 Sep

- Changes to allow Data Centre networks to be from any valid private address space (removes requirement for DC networks to be in same range)

- Deprecate region.defaultNetwork from Provisioning API

22 Sep

- New Feature: AWS Marketplace integration

21 Sep

- Fixed failed deletion of user firewall rules on GCP clusters

11 Sep

- Minor fix to Free Trials

- Improve node Security

4 Sep

- Minor bug fixes to backups

August 2017



31 Aug

Resizeable nodes improvements

Updates to default node provisioning limits
M4-l Resizeable nodes removed
Resizeable nodes added to EU_WEST_2

Console Improvements

Fixed autocompleting 2FA/TOTP codes on login page.

30 Aug

- Updated branding on selected customer communications.

28 Aug

- Changes done to enable Broadcast Private IP for Azure -> RIYOA

28 Aug

- Removed redundant Free Trial information when clusters are provisioned with RIYOA

25 Aug

- Fixed bugs of storage permissions in backup process

24 Aug

- Added options to choose custom subnet when creating or adding a data centre

22 Aug

Monitoring API updates

- Changed metrics limits in a single monitoring api call to 20

- Restored missing metrics incorrectly removed in previous deployment

21 Aug

Console and Monitoring API improvements

- Fixed a bug preventing display of metrics for materialised views

- Fixed a bug preventing display of certain latency metrics in Cassandra 3.11

17 Aug

Monitoring improvements

- Added monitoring for Kibana

15 Aug

- Minor improvements to restore process

2 Aug

Cassandra version update

- Added support for Cassandra 3.0.14


July 2017



31 July

Console Improvements

- Handle lack of certificates on the console

- Handle bad Zeppelin link

- Properly handle bundle versions selection

27 July

Certificate Management

- Fix in certificate renewal process

24 July

Scylla 1.7.2

- Added support as a preview release 

20 July

Certificate Management

- Fix in certificate revocation process

19 July

Metric Collection

- Added configurable options for SLA metric collections

14 July

API Request Rate Limiting

- Implemented 70 request per second per user rate limit

13 July

Cassandra version update

- Added support for Cassandra 3.11, Cassandra 2.1.18 and Cassandra 2.2.10

11 July

Console Graph Improvements

- Customers can now multi-select nodes on the Cluster Summary and Metric Graphs pages

- Tooltip values are sorted, showing you the highest and lowest 5 nodes for a metric at any point in time

- Nodes in large clusters are consistently coloured until you refresh the page

6 July

Spark Update

- Release spark 2.1.1 with Scala 2.11

- Updated Spark-jobserver 2.0.0 with Spark 2.1.1

- Release a new image for Zeppelin 0.7.1 with Scala 2.11 and Spark 2.1.1

4 July

Added AWS Availability Zone Support

- Customers can now provision Clusters across three racks (availability zones) in the Frankfurt (eu-central-1) and São Paulo (sa-east-1) regions.


June 2017



19 June

Automated Repair improvements

- Improved handling of long running repairs 
- Improved handling of potential repair failure cases 
- Fixed an issue causing too many concurrent repairs

15 June

Elassandra/Kibana - Beta Release

- Elassandra and Kibana are now available as options for automatic provisioning through the Instaclustr management console (currently offered as a beta release without SLAs).


May 2017


25 May

Cluster Data Centre Resize Support

- Adds the facility to vertically scale an entire data centre by adjusting the number of CPU cores and Memory quota allocated to each node. 

19 May

EU (London) Region Support on AWS

- Customers can now provision clusters using the AWS EU_WEST_2 (London) region either in Instaclustr's AWS account or their own account.

8 May

Console Update

- Console/dashboard now indicates when Cassandra fails to report some metrics.

4 May

 Console Update

- Added spark Cassandra connector support to console

- Fixed problem with CSS of Spark UI

3 May

Console Update

- Corrected reported CPU instance details for AWS T2.Mediums

1 May

Console Update

- Enforce restrictions on weak passwords


April 2017


24 Apr

Metrics collection

- Improvements to make metric collection more resilient to Cassandra exceptions

18 Apr

AWS EBS Optimisation

- Fix bug that caused some AWS instances to be not EBS-Optimized.

11 Apr

Spark Update

- Release spark 2.0.2 with Scala 2.11

- updated Spark-jobserver 2.0.0 with Scala 2.11

Zeppelin Update

- Release zeppelin 0.7.1 with scala 2.11

Console Improvements

- Updated Spark-Cassandra connector (Spark 2.0.2 for Scala 2.11)

7 Apr

GCP Offering

- Google Cloud Platform (GCP) no longer in beta

6 Apr

Console Update

- Corrected role description for cluster_admin role


March 2017


30 Mar

Support new Cassandra version

Added support for the new Instaclustr Cassandra LTS release 3.7 (v3)

14 Mar

Enable free trial on GCP

- n1-standard-1 is now available for a 14 day free trial with Google Cloud Platform.


February 2017


21 Feb

Support new Cassandra versions

- Added support for Cassandra 3.0.10 and Cassandra 3.10.

15 Feb

Support new instance type on AWS: R4 XLarge

- Added support for R4 XLarge node size

- Added 2 configurations: himem bulk (R4 with 2000G disk space) and himem balanced (R4 with 1200G disk space)

9 Feb

Zeppelin Update

- released version 0.6.2 of Zeppelin

Azure Improvement

- reduced memory footprint of backup process

2 Feb

Console Improvements

- Fixed DAG Visualization display on Spark console


January 2017

Date Item
11 Jan

Console Improvements

- Fixed 30-day graph navigation

- Cassandra Lucene plugin pricing change

- Improved custom AWS tag application

9 Jan

New region support for AWS and Azure

- US East (Ohio) and Asia Pacific (Mumbai) for AWS

- Australia East (NSW) and Australia South East (Victoria) for Azure

4 Jan

Console Improvements

- Added CSRF token check to logout path

Monitoring API

- Added unit field to each metric


December 2016

Date Item
28 Dec

Console Improvements

- Added reCaptcha challenge on password reset requests

22 Dec

Cassandra Lucene Index

- Added support for Cassandra Lucene Index Plugin as a preview release.

Azure Improvements

- Fixed some issues related to provision in existing resource groups


- Add ability to add custom tags for RIYOA instances

15 Dec

Console Improvements

- Fixed Spark UI issues when using Jobserver

13 Dec

Azure Improvements and Monitoring API enhancements

- Enabled provisioning in existing Azure resource groups

- Removed Azure classic provisioner

- Added Cassandra data centre name of each nodes into the returning monitoring information.


November 2016

Date Item
30 Nov

Support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - Beta

-Added support for GCP. Customers are now able to provision Cassandra & Spark clusters on GCP either in Instaclustr's or their own account. For more details, please see this blog post.

22 Nov

Run in your own account security improvements

- Changes to standard run in your own account cross-account trust configurations for improved security

21 Nov

Cassandra version update

- Apache Cassandra ver. 3.7 (patched v2) and Datastax Enterprise 5.0.3, 5.0.4 added to provisioning options

14 Nov

Console improvements

- Updated Spark-Cassandra connector (Spark 1.6.x for Scala 2.10)

- Changed date format from dd/MM/yyyy to MMM d, YYYY

3 Nov

Console improvements

- Removed availability of Datastax Enterprise as a distribution option. Please contact for DSE Support

- Added a missing CSRF check to API key management form

2 Nov

Console/API and Provisioning infrastructure improvements

- Changes to Instaclustr management architecture for improved security and reliability


October 2016

Date Item
26 Oct

Console Improvements

- Added previous/next period controls to graphs

25 Oct

Two-Factor Authentication

- 2FA authentication added as an optional feature for all Console users.

Console Improvements

- Fixed a graphing bug that displayed an error page immediately after a cluster has been provisioned.

18 Oct

Cassandra version update

- Apache Cassandra ver. 3.9, 3.7 (patched), 3.0.9, 2.2.8 and 2.1.16 added to provisioning options

Console Improvements

- SLA Latency metrics re-named to Synthetic Transactions

- Reduced pressure on browser memory

- Graph refresh is now much less annoying

06 Oct

Synthetic Transaction metrics

- Synthetic transaction read and write latencies are available from dashboard and api.


September 2016

Date Item
29 Sep

Console & Provisioning API Improvements

General minor improvements to the UI.

- Provisioning API cluster info now exposes network and use private address broadcasting.

28 Sep

Zeppelin Update

released version 0.6.1 of Zeppelin with Spark Cassandra Connector 1.6.2


Console Improvements
- Rack allocation displayed in cluster creation, and data centre and node addition forms.
- Cluster details page now displays if Private Node Discovery is enabled or disabled.


Added third rack to AWS Sydney region
Clusters in AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) now support 3 racks (availability zones).


OS Load now available through console and API monitoring
OS Load metric is now available in console monitoring view and through our monitoring API.


Add node process improvements
Automated setting of some configurations when adding nodes and data centres to a cluster to reduce manual intervention required.


Changes to provisioning statuses
Node now moves to "provisioned" as soon as AWS instance makes contact with our system. "Joining" state added for nodes where Cassandra is running but in joining state. (Billing commences on joining or running state.)


C* 3.7 patch
Update our C* 3.7 offering with a patch to prevent segfaults with secondary indexes. See:

Customers will be informed as individual clusters are updated.


Encrypted EBS Support


Cluster Health Page


Monitoring Graph Improvements
- ability to disable auto refresh
- graphs in a fixed order
- sort keyspace and table names alphabetically


Make 3.7 default C* version for new clusters and remove 2.2.x from available versions for new clusters

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