Creating an Elassandra Cluster

1. To create an Elassandra cluster, log into the Instaclustr console. If you do not have an Instaclustr account, refer our support article to sign up.

2. Once you are logged in, click the Create Cassandra Cluster button.



3. On the Create Cassandra Cluster page, enter an appropriate name and network address block for your cluster. Refer our support article on Network Address Allocation to understand how we divide up the specified network range to determine the node IP addresses. Under Applications section, select Elassandra. Select any add-ons as per requirement.



4. Under Data Centre section, select your Infrastructure Provider, Region, Custom Name (which is a logical name for the data centre within Cassandra. A default Custom Name is provided for you), Node Size and EBS Encryption option.



5. Under Cassandra Options section, select your Network and Security settings.05_pix.png

6. Under Elassandra Options section, select the security checkbox if you want to add your current IP address to firewall rules for Elassandra API calls. Do the same under Kibana Options section. The Summary section displays a brief summary of your cluster configurations and pricing details. Click the Terms and Conditions link to open the Instaclustr Terms and Conditions and other policy document. After going through the document, select checkbox to accept the Terms and Conditions. Once you are happy with the cluster configuration and accepted the terms and conditions, click the Create Cluster button to start creating the cluster.



7. Once the cluster has been provisioned, it will be listed in your Cluster Overview page.


8. Now that you have an Elassandra cluster up and running, refer the following support articles to configure and connect to your cluster:


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